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Edwin Lilly Head Guide For High Country Outfitters We operate in a very large hunting area. We actually hold permits to hunt in five different hunting units and three Wilderness areas here in the state of Colorado. We operate from two different base camps, both camps have cabins, showers with hot and cold running water and a large galley where all the great home cooked meals are prepared. Both camps are located right in the middle of some very good hunting. These camps are a great place to stay while hunting with us. In addition to hunting Elk and Mule Deer we also offer hunts for Antelope, Black Bear, Big Horn Sheep, Shires Moose and  Merriam Turkeys. Antelope can be hunted with archery, muzzle loader or rifle. Antelope tags do have to be applied for.  Antelope hunts are one of our most successful hunts. Bear tags can be purchased for most hunts and can be combined with other hunts. We do some bear hunting during archery and muzzle loader season. Most bear in our area are colors other than black. Only about 1 in 10 will be black in color. Whether you want to hunt big game, do some summer fishing or just do a pack trip in to the back country, we no doubt have a trip that will interest you.   We have been in the Professional Outfitting Business for 40 years. We Specialize in Elk hunting for big bulls in the back country of Colorado. We also have some of the best Mule deer country found any where, a lot of country to hunt in and a lot of big bucks to be hunted. There are many trophy class mule deer bucks in our hunting areas and if you are looking for that big one we want to help. We have a lot of information about the game we hunt, the country we operate in, our base camp and the guides we have for you to hunt with. We have been in the outfitting business for 40 years so we must be doing something right.  All of us here at High Country Outfitters enjoy hunting  for elk and deer in the high country. We hope we can answer most of your questions you may have with  the free information package and dvd that we offer. If you would like to see and hear a lot of good stories from some great hunts, you will enjoy the information package. There are  interviews, photos and videos from passed hunting trips. You can see the country we operate in and the base camp you will be hunting from. We do what ever it takes to see that you have a safe and enjoyable time while hunting with us.  Archery, Muzzle loader or Rifle what ever you prefer, we have a hunt for you. Mule Deer .. Trophy Elk .. Antelope .. Black Bear .. Sheep .. Moose .. Fishing .. Pack Trips
We Specialize in Archery ELK Hunting
Stories Photos and Videos of the 2018 Hunting Season
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