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        Thanks    to   the   interest   of   so   many   archery   hunters   the   2017   hunting   season   was   a   great   one.   We   want   to   say   thanks   to everyone   that   has   booked   a   hunt   with   us   and   to   also   thank   all   of   you   that   were   interested   enough   to   send   for   our   free information   package   and   DVD.   We   are   looking   forward   to   a   great   2018   hunting   season   with   lots   of   elk   to   hunt   and   many new   friendships   to   be   made.   We   specialize   in   archery   hunting   for   big   bulls   in   the   back   country   of   Colorado.   We   have   been hunting   here   for   39   years   and   there   aren’t   many   elk   trails   that   we   don’t   know   about.   We   would   like   to   take   you   on   one   of these   wild   and   exciting   hunts.   Hunting   big   bulls   in   the   back   country   is   a   awesome   hunting   experience.   Archery   shooting will   average   25   yards   or   less   and   the   average   bull   will   be   a   5x5   or   larger.   Elk   are   about   4   times   larger   than   the   average white   tail   and   you   can   bet   they   will   look   real   nice   hanging   on   the   wall   in   your   den.   This   free   DVD   will   describe   all   the hunts   we   offer   to   the   Archery,   Muzzle   loader   and   Rifle   hunters.   Dates   prices   and   the   number   of   hunting   days   for   each   hunt we   offer   will   be   in   our   free   information   package.    You   can   book   a   hunting   trip   with   us   for   only   25%   down .    We   can guarantee   you   a   license   to   archery   or   rifle   hunt   for   bull   elk   in   2018.   If   you   would   like   to   book   a   elk   hunting   trip   with   us   for the up coming season give us a call.   970-240-7924  
We furnish meals, lodging, guides, transportation to and from Gunnison to our base camp.  We furnish everything except your personal gear, hunting license, meat processing  cost and taxidermy fees.  We have no hidden charge.     Fully Guided Hunts
Mule Deer .. Trophy Elk .. Antelope .. Black Bear .. Sheep .. Moose .. Fishing .. Pack Trips The Interview
              Mule Deer .. Trophy Elk .. Antelope .. Black Bear .. Big Horn Sheep .. Shires Moose .. Fishing .. Pack Trips
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Archery hunt for Big Bull’s
Hunt where Eagles Fly