About Our Guides: The guides that work for us are very good at their jobs, they are professionals. Calling elk is only part of what they do. Safety is first on their list and all guides will have current first aid and cpr cards. They know how to use a gps, and will know the hunting ares very well. Working with clients is only one more thing they do well.  Field dressing, capeing, care for your trophy is also part of they job. They understand how to work with horses, most of our guides have their own. Our main goal is to see that you have a safe enjoyable hunt, and  we will try our very best to make it a successful one.  When guides and clients work together the rewards can result in the memories of a life time. First Elk With A Bow
 The 2019 Season Starts In Early September.
Muzzle Loader Elk and Deer
Muzzle Loader Elk, Deer, Antelope, and Black Bear tags will have to be applied  for before April 2 this year.    There are no over the counter muzzle loader tags.  Applications can be done on line.    We can help if you have any problems  always glad to help you get the paper work done right.
Muzzle Loader Elk and Deer
Mule Deer .. Trophy Elk .. Antelope .. Black Bear .. Sheep .. Moose .. Fishing .. Pack Trips First Rifle Season .. First Morning .. Nice bull Conrad’s Elk Country This is       Elk Hunters And we are Mule Deer .. Trophy Elk .. Antelope .. Black Bear .. Big Horn Sheep .. Shires Moose .. Fishing .. Pack Trips High Country Outfitters Inc.
Hunt Black Bear or Mountain Loin
His biggest one so far
and it’s a good one

Only 2 point’s for this unit.

A good time to get your chance at a Real Trophy.
Average shooting distance for Elk is about 30 to 65 yards. Deer are in more open country and the  shooting distance will be up to the shooter.  Check on the Colorado rules they my be different than they are in your state.  If you hunt with us we will make sure you know what the rules and regulation are to hunt with a Muzzle Loader in the state of Colorado.  
Bill is also a archery hunter and has taken some nice bulls  with his bow while hunting  with us.
Some Good One’s - From the 2018 Season
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Check out this video … We call him a Bad Ass Bull … Should I stay or should I Run ???