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Edwin Lilly Head Guide For High Country Outfitters
Conrad’s High Country Outfitters Inc.               Mule Deer .. Trophy Elk .. Antelope .. Black Bear .. Sheep .. Moose .. Fishing .. Pack Trips NEXT PAGE We operate in a very large hunting area. We actually hold permits to hunt in five different hunting units and three Wilderness areas here in the state of Colorado. We operate from two different base camps, both camps have cabins, showers with hot and cold running water. Our camps are a great place to stay while hunting with us. There is a large galley where all the great tasting southern style home cooked meals are prepared. A meat house, tack house and corral. Yes it is a hunting camp, but it is a very nice one. During most hunts it will be to warm for your animal to hang at camp, there is a very good processing plant in Gunnison where we will take your trophy for you if you would like.  No extra charge, we have no hidden charges of any kind, no kill fees, no trophy fees, we furnish every thing except your personal gear and hunting license. All meat processing or taxidermy cost, if any will be the hunters responsibility. Please take note that there is no cell phone service at the base camp, it is about 40 miles to a signal. If you need to call  out often you should think about a satellite phone. Trophy Mule Deer We have been in the Professional Outfitting Business for 39 Years
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